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All good things come to an end and so do summer holidays. As the Scottish schools re-called their term-time charges last week, the busy peak holiday period drew to a close … until next year.

What a great time we had….

It’s been a brilliant summer. July and August are always exciting months on a caravan park, when everything comes alive as hundreds of guests flock for their holidays, pitching up in an array of motorhomes, tourers and tents alongside a constant influx of lodge and caravan guests. Summer is a halcyon time for families who enjoy it to the max, congregating to share special moments and make lasting memories to keep them warm in the cooler months ahead.

It’s a Great British obsession…

The public’s penchant for caravanning shows no sign of abating and each year seems busier than the last as more people choose a stay-cation over a vacation abroad. Caravan parks evolve but the essence of what they mean to people never changes as each new generation discovers the magic as if they were the first. Caravanning is like an old movie which has been re-made – the story is the same but the actors are different, as each generation takes over from the last ensuring this popular tradition won’t die out.

This summer, like the last and the one before it brought a record number of guests old and new, some who loved it so much they bought their own holiday home to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle whenever they want. This happens many times each year, there are always people who don’t want the fun to end so they decide to stay forever… and rarely regret it!

Autumn beckons…

As the pace of life slows we now look to Autumn – a season brimming with its own magic. For many, it’s the best time of year when leaves turn amber, air becomes crisp and scarves are a pre-requisite. Autumn is filled with the scent of apples, bonfires and hot chocolate and for those who prefer a bit of peace it’s the perfect time for a holiday.

There’s plenty to enjoy over the next few months with live music on Saturday nights through September, while October and November are filled to the brim with charity race nights, games nights and competitions then as October 31stdraws close the creepy costumes will be donned as the party season kicks off, first Halloween, then Bonfire night, finally followed by our end of season party, as-well as the Christmas and Hogmanay events featuring festive dinners, Santa Claus and Auld Lang Syne, (contact individual park for details).

Discover it for yourself…

So if you are not a member of our caravan community what’s stopping you? There’s so much to enjoy and be a part of, you’ll never look back. Give us a call today… Three Lochs 01671 830304, Lagganhouse 01465 831229 and WigBay 01776 853233 for more information about owning your own holiday home.


THE next holiday home owner at Three Lochs to upgrade their existing caravan to something bigger, better or newer will receive free site fees for 2019. And if you refer  a friend to buy a holiday home, your 2019 site fees will be discounted by £1000 (on completion of the sale) Not bad! Call Pete on 07787298061.

Pony trekking is not just popular in summer!

Enjoy wonderful Autumn walks with your pooch.


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